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Buchempfehlung: E-Learning by Design

William Hortons Buch E-Learning by Design wurde neu aufgelegt. Diese zweite Ausgabe beinhaltet nun auch ein Kapitel über Social Learning und eines zu Mobile Learning. Das Buch umfasst 640 Seiten geballtes E-Learning-Wissen. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

Horton, W. (2012). E-Learning by Design. Second Edition. San Francisco: Wiley.

About this book

E-Learning by Design provides a comprehensive, detailed look at the concepts and processes of developing, creating and implementing a successful e-Learning program. Horton’s practical, down-to-earth approach offers clear information and instruction without over simplifying. Readers will learn to build customized e-Learning programs from scratch, building on core principles of instructional design to:

  • develop meaningful activities and lessons
  • create and administer online tests and assessments
  • design learning games and simulations, and
  • effectively implement an individualized program

The second edition will feature chapter-by-chapter revisions and add new sections and updates that address: new delivery technologies, including social networking, mobile learning, and the use of other new mobile devices; learning from available content; repurposing content; setting and following quality Standards, a revised Catalyst Model and Examples, How We Will Learn Model and Examples, and designing for International and Multi-cultural Audiences, as well as all-new contemporary case studies, examples, and activities. New edition will also include two free online resources: a downloadable instructor’s manual, and a premium content site featuring additional examples and case studies, tools and resources.


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