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Open channel for exchange and community building

A lot is happening and being created at the University of Zurich at the moment. Suggestions and ideas are coming from all sides and all departments, with people on all levels of the hierarchy putting in a lot of effort to keep the ball rolling.

Fantastic things are happening in teaching. Although not always without problems or friction, teaching continues digitally where it left off, with creative solutions and ideas, strong commitment and true pioneer spirit to face the difficult circumstances head-on. It’s inspiring and it would be a shame if we didn’t benefit from each other!

To do so, we have set up a channel on MS Teams on which members of the UZH can exchange their ideas on digital teaching. We provide this platform so that we, and everyone who wants to, can share experiences and insights with each other. This can be in the form of a webinar, brief feedback, field reports, instructions, flows or structures which worked well, or any other form you can think of.

Microsoft Office Teams (2018–present)

To join the community, simply click on the Teams icon or enter the following code in the Teams app: t63jwb7. Access to Office 365 is required in order to participate. We also recommend installing the Teams app which is available as desktop version for Mac and Windows, as well as mobile version for Android and iOS.